How It Works

Meet and greet.

We’ll start by discussing what you’re looking for in a website and what you hope to achieve. This is usually done over the phone, Skype or email.

We’ll determine how many pages, look and feel, and desired features. We’ll also discuss your future plans for the website and who will make changes/updates to the website once it’s finished.

I’ll give you an estimate of what I think it will cost.

If you need logo design, branding or photography, I can recommend you to a qualified specialist. Much of the time, the design is created based on existing branding or photography, but is not always necessary.

I’ll follow up with my contract and your first invoice. Once I receive the contract and first deposit, the project will officially start.

Design and planning.

I’ll send you a mock-up made in Photoshop of what the homepage will look like. You can customize and critique it to your heart’s content.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, the development phase begins.


This is the part where I actually put the site together.

The wait time could be anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on the scope of the project.

I will periodically check in with you during this phase.

Final Steps.

Once the website is finished, we’ll review it for the final time.

This is your last chance to add any finishing touches or make changes to the secondary pages.

Launch and training.

Once I receive the final payment, I will upload the website from my local server to your hosting environment. The website will be live and available for the public to see.

I’ll give you the credentials and a brief presentation on how to login, make changes to your site, update software, create backups, and monitor for security.


If you love your website and are satisfied with your online makeover, I want to hear your feedback! Please leave me a testimonial, and I will be forever grateful : )